You know your business.  And you need your clients to have a fast, no-fail web experience when they go to your site.  eNation can help by making sure your hardware is optimally utilized, and appropriately supporting your business goals.  Proper planning and provisioning for IT services provides many key business value benefits, including the providing services that meet performance and scaling expectations in a timely, organized manner.  eNations can work with you to meet ongoing and peak performance targets.  

Planning and provisioning include these business benefits:
  • Accurate provisioning, avoiding wasteful and expensive over-provisioning 
  • Stacking applications, making better use of existing IT resources 
  • Reducing outages and slowdowns, ensuring service-level objectives are met under varying conditions 
  • Avoiding crises and firefighting, proactively planning for peaks in demand  

eNation’s broad portfolio of Managed Services delivers multiple options to meet your business needs.  

eNation – the global electronic nation – builds and manages global data centers to host online operations.  Failsafe switchovers between locations to ensure 100% up-time regardless of local conditions, proactive load balancing to give your clients maximum speed, and state-of-the-art security mean you can concentrate on taking care of your business, not on running a computer server operation. 

2007-03-15 - eNATION CORPORATION™ named one of Canada’s Top Up and Comer Technology Companies

2008-09-03 - eNation Corporation Honored by Computerworld as Green Data Center

2008-07-14 - Sole Canadian Hosted Data Center to Receive 2008 Green Enterprise IT Award Honorable Mention

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